10 bonus scene you might have missed on Ant -Man

What is the origin story of the Ant-Man,the Wasp and the Yellowjacket in the comic?The lovely daughter of the second Ant -Man is actually a superhero? , have you noticed that The Avengers are mentioned many times in the film?Here I find out 25 unknown bonus scene for you.

Mitchell Carson

In the movie, Michelle Carson is an undercover hidden in the SHIELD by the Nazi organization Hydra.In the comic, he was originally a SHIELD agent and is expected to be the successor of the Ant-man, but the Ant-man suit was accidentally stolen by the third Ant-man .So he put on a temporary made battle suit to recapture the real ant man’s suit, and as a result he was severely burned in the battle.Later he became a serial killer and used the resources of SHIELD to cover up the crime and was eventually sent to prison by Iron Man.

San Quentin State Prison

The prison in which Scott Lang served his sentence was San Quentin State Prison, where a famous anti-hero of Marvel, the Punisher Frank Castle, was held.

Jack & Darby

Scott Lang’s pseudonym at Baskin-Robbins was Jack, and his partner was Darby.In fact, Jack and Darby are the names of Paul Rudd ‘s children.

Milgrom hotel

The place where Scott lived after he was released from prison was called Milgrom Hostel, which is a tribute to the Al Milgrom, a comic book writer.

Hope van Dyne

To be precise, Hope van Dyne does not exist in the comic.But in the alternative universe MC2, the first Ant-man Hank Pym and the wasp Janet did have a daughter called Hope Pym.However, she later became a villain, also known as the Red Queen.


In the movie, Darren Cross researched and developed a suit and became the big villain-Yellowjacket.In the comic, Yellowjacket is actually another identity of Hank Pym. Later , a thief named Rita DeMara stole Pym’s Yellowjacket suit and joined the Masters of Evil.However, she eventually gave up evil and returned to good and became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.Darren Cross is a self-made millionaire in the comics. He once run a technology company, Cross Technological Enterprises.Darren suffers from a serious heart disease, so his doctor implanted a heart substitute in his body.But this device changed his physiological metabolism and eventually made him a weird barbarian.Later, Darren died of heart failure in the battle with Scott.

The Ten Rings

There are a group of businessmen who want to buy Yellowjacket Technology in the film.One of them has a tattoo on the neck of The Ten Rings.The Ten Rings is the terrorist organization headed by the Mandarin who have appeared many times in the Iron Man series.

Cassie Lang

In the movie, Scott Lang’s daughter, Casey, is just a little girl.In the comics, she is called Cassandra. She was stealing Pym particles during her youth and got the ability to zoom in and out like her father. She became superhero, Stature, and later joined the Young Avengers.

Garrret Morris

Scott, who first wore the Ant-man suit, experienced a series of collisions and was finally picked up on the roof of a taxi. The taxi driver happened to be Garrret Morris, who played the Ant-man in the Saturday night scene of the 1970s.


In the film, the newspaper in the hands of a cable car passenger reads the title of “Who’s To Blame For Sokovia?”This echoes the ruined story of the Eastern European city Sokovia in the end of the Avengers 2 .