Voltron Kigurumi

Voltron Kigurumi

voltron kigurumi

Whether you are a fan of the classic television series or the cartoon character, a Voltron Kigurumi is the perfect accessory for your next event Green Aliens Onesies These cute characters are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are sure to delight your guests.


Several fictional characters appear in the show Voltron. They include King Alfor, the Voltron designer. These characters have appeared in both the original series and its sequel, Voltron: The Third Dimension. Some of them also appear in the comic book series, Devil’s Due. In the comic book series, Haggar was Voltron’s ancestor Cheshire cat Onesies She was a witch, and her magic was used to capture Alfor’s spirit. Haggar was also the grandmother of Sincline. However, Haggar was not originally a good person. She was embittered by Alfor’s rejection of her. She attempted to brainwash Sven under Merla’s command.

The main villain of the Voltron Lion Team is the Drule Empire. It is an empire that is at war with the Galaxy Alliance. The humans of the Drule Empire have red eyes, and light purple skin. The Drule Empire is ruled by Emperor Zeppo.

There are four main types of characters in Voltron. The first are the Land Team members. These include Cinda, Krik, and Larmina. Cinda is an athletic pilot who comes from the same water planet as Krik. She is also clairvoyant. She is also a member of the Air Team. She is a fierce fighter who fights in honor of her family, who died in an accident when she was young. She also has a strong personality and is willing to fight for the cause of her brother on Planet Doom. Larmina is the only member of the Voltron Force who is not proficient in piloting. She also has an undefined relationship with Jeff.

There are also several members of the Sea Team. They include Captain Keyo, who is of the same race as Tangor. He is the highest official in the Galaxy Alliance. He is also a very corrupt official. He is willing to do anything to keep his position. He is also a very dangerous person. He has an Australian accent, and is also wry and laid back. He is not afraid to voice his opinion, but is less optimistic than his teammates. He is also very strong and is often seen brawling with Hutch.

There are also three new cadets in the Voltron Force. These are Larmina, Cinda, and Kirk. Larmina is a member of the Voltron Force and is Allura’s older brother. She is not a great pilot, but she loves to fight and enjoys good battles. She also has an undefined relationship with her father Jeff.

The other three members of the Voltron Force are Lance McClain, Hunk, and Pidge. The latter is the youngest member of the team, and he is the most intelligent of the team. He is also a great pilot. His bayard can become a large sword, a rifle, or an energy cannon. He is also the only member of the team who argues with Keith’s commands.